About Republic Roller

In 1981 Republic Roller Corporation under G. L. Umphrey acquired the roller covering capabilities of Dayco Corporation in Three Rivers, Michigan. In 2010, Republic became an employee-owned company.

Over the last 40 years, Republic rose to become one of America’s top roller manufacturers with the assistance of a dedicated and experienced work staff.

Republic’s focus remains on rollers, roller coverings and rubber articles for the numerous press positions required by an extensive list of industries. We continue to take pride in producing high quality rubber coverings that meet the specifications of our customers. A combination of time-proven products and dependable service have gained us the trust of our customers and a loyal following.

Why Choose Republic?

  • Superior Quality
    As a result of our superior quality, many customers have stayed with us for the 40+ years of our existence.
  • Niche Markets
    Because of our flexibility, we are able to provide products where other competitors would not take the time or effort.
  • Custom Compounds
    Since we listen to our customers, we are able to provide specialty compounds for unique cases and requirements.
  • Short Lead Times
    Because we know how critical it is for our customers, we focus on keeping lead times as short as possible.
  • Emergency Service
    We offer Priority Service in emergency situations.